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Choose Ian Everdell for Port Hope Council

Port Hope is a special place.

We have a rich architectural and cultural heritage. We are surrounded by the natural beauty of lakes, rivers, and forests. We enjoy the bounty of our agriculture. We have a vibrant business community. We share all of what we have with others through a strong tourism industry. And best of all, we have a community of people who love this place and want to see it thrive.

Port Hope is at a point where the decisions that are made in the next few years will affect the municipality for a long time. I believe that council should have a vested interest in what the municipality will look like in 50 years. I intend to live here at least that long and raise my children here, so I want Port Hope to stay special for a long time.

But staying special and continuing to flourish as a municipality takes leadership, planning, and effort. You should expect a government that listens to and acts upon the needs of its citizens. I hope to help Port Hope continue to grow in a responsible and sustainable way, and keep the municipality a special place to live, work, explore, and participate.



Port Hope is a desirable place to live.

This can be seen in the influx of young families and retirees escaping the GTA, a seller’s real estate market, and the near-zero vacancy rate.

But we have some challenges to face, including: affordable housing; rising property taxes; care for our aging citizens; waste management; aging infrastructure; protection of our historical assets; and sustainable, responsible development.

I support:

  • Engaging citizens in dialogue regarding fiscal responsiblity and sustainability to see how we could spend our tax money more efficiently and do more with less. 
  • Working with developers, property owners, and community partners to create more housing, either through redevelopment of existing properties or new development including accessory dwellings and multi-unit or mixed-use zoning. 
  • Promoting the Community Improvement Plan as a way to subsidize increased density, revitalized buildings, and affordable housing in the downtown core.
  • Advocating for our aging and infirm citizens to ensure access to modern, safe care facilities.
  • Encouraging excellent waste diversion as the new county waste management solution is rolled out. 
  • Proactively upgrading or repairing municipal assets and ensuring effective delivery of municipal services.
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Port Hope has a vibrant downtown core, confident and optimistic entrepreneurs, a solid and growing industrial sector, and some of the best agricultural producers you could ask for.

But working and supporting businesses in a small town comes with challenges, including: opening, sustaining, and improving a small business; finding a stable, well-paying job; growing industrial and commerical opportunities in a responsible way; maintaining access to larger commercial centres; and connecting rural and agricultural businesses to consumers.

I support:

  • Pursuing opportunities to acquire or promote the development of vacant commerical properties, including the opera house, file factory, and centre pier buildings.
  • Promoting the Community Improvement Plan as a way to subsidize building improvements in the downtown core, and the business park as an opportunity for industrial employers.
  • Focusing on economic development opportunities to attract new businesses, developers, and community partners, and supporting those we already have.
  • Enhancing transportation to surrounding communities and GO Transit.
  • Increasing the visibility of our rural and agricultural businesses to promote patronage and tourism.
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There is so much to do right in our own backyard.

Our food, arts, and culture scene is diverse and exciting, we are surrounded by nature, we have access to a wide range of community spaces and programming, and Port Hope is a popular tourist destination.

But recognizing what we have and continuing to make it even more exciting presents several challenges, including: connecting residents and tourists to both the urban and rural areas; redeveloping our waterfront; providing the facilities and programming to support an active lifestyle for all ages; and marketing our unique attractions, culture, and heritage.

I support:

  • Building stronger connections between the urban and rural areas by promoting food and nature tourism, not just to tourists but also to residents.
  • Reviewing and beginning to implement the waterfront plan, with a particular focus on responsible development and stewardship of one of our most valuable assets.
  • Encouraging the continued development of activities, programs, and facilities that support safe, active lifestyles for children, families, and seniors.
  • Creating and enhancing public spaces that highlight our culture and heritage.
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Port Hope is full of people who want to make the municipality a better place.

But for you to actively participate in keeping Port Hope special and helping the municipality to grow, you need a government that is ready to actively participate with you and address: misinformation and rumour; transparency; and access to information.

I support:

  • Providing citizens with regular, plain-language updates on the day-to-day operations of our municipality and the decisions and actions of council.
  • Ensuring that accurate information comes directly from the municipality in a timely, accessible manner.
  • Redeveloping the municipal website to make it easier to find the information you’re looking for.
  • Sharing information through both digital and non-digital means, including mail and newsletters.

About Ian

My family and I moved to Port Hope 2 years ago, but my extended family has lived here for 50 years. I have fond memories of being here as a kid – berry picking in my grandparents’ fields on 7th line, performing with the Ganaraska Youth Theatre in the Capitol and on the bandshell, and watching the crazy crafts float down the Ganny.

When my wife, Kate, and I were deciding on where to settle down, Port Hope immediately jumped to the top of the list. We were looking for a vibrant community that had small town charm where we could put down roots. After 3 moves in 6 years to unfamiliar places, we wanted somewhere where we could quickly become part of the community and feel at home.

The community has been so welcoming, and it’s thrilling to see how generally positive people are about Port Hope. Yes, we have challenges, but there are people here who want to make our town even better than it already is. I’m excited to be part of that movement.

I feel that Port Hope has reached a turning point – the clean up has started, properties that have been vacant for a long time are suddenly starting to see life, and our demographic is starting to shift away from being just a retirement community.

We intend to live here for the next 50 years, and I want our kids to grow up loving this place as much as I do. We need to make sure that council is thinking that far out – the decisions that are made in the next few years are going to have a huge impact on what our municipality looks like decades down the road.

Our wonderful municipality has a bright future ahead of it. I hope that you’ll choose me to be a part of the leadership for that future.

4 generations of Everdells - Ian, his son Ben, his grandfather Ray, and his father Tim.
4 generations of Everdells – Ian, Ben, Ray, and Tim – have called Port Hope home.
Ian and his family – Ben, Kate, and Lucy
Ian and his family – Ben, Kate, and Lucy

Why vote for Ian?

  • My background is in user experience – finding out why and how people use something, where they run into challenges, and then devising solutions to make it better. I’ve spent 10 years helping both Fortune 500 companies and small local businesses understand the needs, pains, and goals of their customers. Years of working at this have made me a patient listener, keen observer, and unflagging problem solver. You are the customers of the municipality, and I can help ensure that your needs are met.
  • I bring a young, fresh perspective. As the number of younger people and families in the municipality grows, our council needs to reflect how multi-generational the municipality is.
  • I don’t carry any biases with me about past decisions and actions in the municipality, and I won’t get mired down in “but that’s how it’s always been done.”
  • I get things done, but I don’t put out sub-quality work just to check items off my list. I work tirelessly to make sure everything I do is the best it can be.
  • I don’t make uninformed decisions or jump to conclusions. I like to have all of the information and background I can get my hands on.

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Where can I learn more about all the candidates?

Almost all of the candidates have websites, brochures, and/or Facebook pages, and many have done TV and radio interviews. David Broughton has done a wonderful job of curating all of this information, and has also recorded all of the meetings and debates and posted them online. Visit Port Hope Politics to read, watch, and listen.


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