Does Port Hope need a CAO?

There are arguments for and against having a CAO.

Most municipalities have one, acting as a liaison between staff and council, and ensuring that council acts as a board of governors for the municipality rather than as a management body for staff. This level of oversight and separation between the two bodies makes good sense.

But the monetary savings Port Hope realizes by not having a CAO are significant, and the reports at the moment are that things are working relatively well without one.

So I’m reserving judgement on this one – I would like to have a chance to talk with staff in more detail about whether they feel they do or do not need a CAO, and I’d like to give the municipality more time to settle into a routine without a CAO. The position was only eliminated in the middle of the current council term, and the shuffling of departments and responsibilities is only just coming to a close. It makes sense to see how we make out over the next year or two and then re-evaluating the need for a CAO.

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