Should there be a ring road at the West Beach?

The ring road is a challenging situation.

I can see both sides: better access to the waterfront (it already has access, but this will improve that access) and improved transportation for Cameco, versus the potential impacts on the beach environment and the risks the municipality would undertake to maintain the road.

At the moment there is staunch opposition to building the road, and it’s important that the municipality listen to its citizens. I would tend to side with them – the impact on the beach and the municipal risk are concerns for me. However, based on the legal agreements in place, it appears that it will be difficult for the municipality to back out of the road project.

But – the design of the road (or even whether a road should be built) has not been finalized, and this is our opportunity to ensure that whatever happens is in the best interests of the municipality. We are in the middle of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment – this is our citizens’ chance to contribute feedback and voice either support or opposition. It is critical right now that citizens provide their feedback, and that that feedback has concrete examples, suggestions, and questions, not just a “no, I don’t want a road”.

Submit your feedback on the Community Consultation for the Choate St. Extension.

I will be logging feedback about accessibility, parking, lighting, storm water management, winter maintenance, building on sand, heavy truck traffic, and impacts on the natural environment. I will post my feedback here once written. I encourage you, regardless of whether you support or oppose the road, to provide feedback as well prior to November 1.

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